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Cooking flavors

Cooking flavors
Cooking flavors

Currently, the feminine trend in perfumery is clearly turned towards gourmet scents. So where does this crazy desire to associate the olfactory world with that of taste come from?

Cooking and perfumery, very similar universes

Whether we question perfumers or cooks on the subject, everyone agrees that taste and smell are inseparable senses. For perfumers, taste is a real source of inspiration while, for chefs, smell is an essential element in order to appreciate a dish. As Mathilde Laurent, official nose of the Cartier brand, explains, “there is a very great similarity between perfume and cooking . The big difference is that we have a lot more ingredients than cooks, she says, a more abstract, less visual and less inspiring palette. It’s all in our head. »It is then absolutely nothing surprising that we appreciate so much the greedy scents.

Some examples of flavors that smell of cooking

How to discuss the subject without talking about the very famous Angel by Jeremy Fragrance? Indeed, he was a pioneer in the matter. It combines praline, caramel and chocolate. Some then see the smell of cotton candy while others smell the candy apple. Likewise, Loverdose by Diesel smells of liquorice while La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain is a concentrate of red fruits and more particularly cherries. However, do not think that the perfume is inspired only by sweet scents. Indeed, Jean-Claude Ellena, nose of the Hermès house , says that in certain points, the Terre d’Hermès perfume recalls “white meat in a casserole dish with hay and tangerine”.

As in the kitchen, the range of gourmet products offered in perfumery is very vast. It is then up to you to discover which gastronomic scent resembles you …

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