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Spice Blend or the recipe for Dior’s latest spiced rum

Spice Blend or the recipe for Dior's latest spiced rum
Spice Blend or the recipe for Dior’s latest spiced rum

Spice Blend by Dior, the new spiced rum from the Private Collection

Perfumery is an ancestral art which has continued to enrich itself over the centuries through the use of new ingredients. However, certain raw materials have been used to create perfumes since the dawn of time. Spices are one of them. During Antiquity, they were used to enter into communion with the gods. The first spicy scent, meanwhile, dates back to the first century after Jesus Christ. This is the Royal Perfume, combining cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and saffron. In this heady and tenacious register, the Dior brand delivers a new unisex essence, inspired by spices but also by the exoticism of the French Antilles. Spice Blend thus joins the prestigious Private Collection of Christian Dior.

The very contrasting recipe of Spice Blend

Like all fragrances in the Private Collection, Spice Blend revolves around a central theme. Here it is the spices. Designed by François Demachy, official perfumer of Dior, Spice Blend does not lack character! It intoxicates us from its top notes and mixes the powerful and catchy richness of Martinican rum absolute with the refreshing and peppery breath of ginger. Its heart, meanwhile, is a “spicy crossroads”, made up of pink pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and cilantro. Striking and warm, this fragrance ends with a more woody note from the legendary Bay St Thomas of the Dominican Republic.

A dive into the memories of François Demachy

Spice Blend is a powerful and charismatic fragrance. However, he actually resurfaces memories of the Dior perfumer as a child. “Although I have no memory of the smell of this famous lotion called Bay Rhum, confides François Demachy, I do remember a bottle in my father’s pharmacy that aroused curiosity in me. Spice Blend is the olfactory translation of an exotic image that emerged from my childhood. This fragrance has a warm signature, underlined by an unusual crowd of spices which intersect and dialogue with each other. Spice Blend is a squall that we do not know if it stirs the fire or refreshes ”. Beyond the ages, Spice Blend is a distant memory brought up to date, like a childish fascination revisited with an adult look.

The prestigious Dior Private Collection

By joining the Private Collection of Dior, Spice Blend incorporates one of the most prestigious scent blends there is. This assortment of perfumes seems to have within it all the luxury and craftsmanship of perfumery. Each of these essences tells us a particular story, while being made up of carefully selected raw materials of the best quality. The Private Collection takes us on a discovery of the finest raw materials at the service of Haute Parfumerie. Each of the juices that compose it highlights a very specific theme. Here, it is about spices and exoticism.

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