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Spicebomb the new Viktor & Rolf set for its fragrance

Spicebomb the new Viktor & Rolf set for its fragrance
Spicebomb the new Viktor & Rolf set for its fragrance

Spicebomb, the spicy bomb of Viktor & Rolf in a unique box

Spicebomb is one of the most emblematic perfumes of the house of Viktor & Rolf. It must be said that it was not designed to go unnoticed! It comes in a pomegranate-shaped bottle and is displayed as a particularly explosive spicy bomb. It is aimed at all charismatic men and, wishing to expose to the world their seductive, sophisticated and irresistibly sexy side. Spicebomb is a scent full of passion and energy . Nevertheless, it is not devoid of elegance. His virility is omnipresent. This uncompromising fragrance is now delivered in a unique box.

Spicebomble perfume, a flood of spices

Spicebomb is a very spicy fragrance that dares the incendiary meeting of two olfactory accords that are opposed to each other. On the one hand, it brings together many warm and incandescent spices. Spicebomb contains in particular chilli, saffron and tobacco. Its sensuality is further enhanced by the brute force of vetiver combined with the animality of leather. On the other, it dares the intense freshness of zesty notes. Spicebomb contains bergamot, grapefruit and elemi. The result is a real explosion of scent! Spicebomb does not go unnoticed and is like an icy bite igniting on contact with the skin!

The Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Set

As always, Spicebomb comes in its pomegranate-shaped bottle. With a capacity of 90 ml, it now comes with a 20 ml travel spray. Thus, this explosive and addictive composition will never leave you and will follow you wherever you go! Viktor & Rolf’s color code for its box , meanwhile, has remained the same. He always gives us his elegance in shades of black and gray.

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