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Tattoo Couture, the new YSL lipstick

Tattoo Couture, the new YSL lipstick
Tattoo Couture, the new YSL lipstick

Today, we decided to talk to you about lipstick, and for good reason… The Yves Saint-Laurent house has just unveiled a brand newcomer to the make-up department. The upscale beauty brand clearly intends to create a sort of link between its couture sector and its make-up department. This is how the brand new Tattoo Couture red was born . Do you dream of an ultra pigmented color, impeccable hold, a huge choice of colors and a contemporary look? This latest generation gem already promises to meet all your expectations!

An unprecedented matte finish

First of all, let’s start by recalling what a lip lacquer is. It’s kind of a compromise between lipstick and gloss. This has the property of drying very quickly and of offering an exemplary hold. On the other hand, most lip lacquers have a glossy finish. Well, not the Couture Tattoo! This little gem of technology appropriates the trends of the moment and dresses your mouth with a very mat and contemporary look. Like a real tattoo, it leaves an indelible mark on your face and sublimates fleshy mouths in a single pass.

The absolute comfort of Couture Tattoo

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it should also be noted that the Couture Tattoo benefits from all the expertise of the Yves Saint-Laurent house in cosmetology. Indeed, the brand develops a whole bunch of treatments to take care of the skin and in particular that of the face. The Couture Tattoo is therefore enriched with a moisturizing agent that nourishes and smoothes the lips continuously from early morning until evening. Thus, over the uses, your mouth will only be more radiant and bounce back. Forget about dry skin, thanks to the Couture Tattoo you will now only feel comfort!

The vibrant colors offered by Yves Saint-Laurent

Like every Yves Saint-Laurent lipstick, the Couture Tattoo is ultra pigmented. It encapsulates fragments of particularly intense color and thus reveals its intensity continuously, for ten consecutive hours! What’s more, it comes in 24 different shades, enough to vary the pleasures to infinity and sublimate each of your looks.

Applying Couture Tattoo

Finally, note that Yves Saint-Laurent also studied the application of his new product. The shape of its applicator has been slightly changed. Now, it adopts a slightly bevelled silhouette which allows the product to be applied with extreme precision. Enhancing your mouth with Couture Tattoo becomes child’s play! Everything is then presented to us in a transparent case with slightly frosted contours, a small distinctive detail in perfect harmony with the designs of contemporary beauty products.

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