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Terracotta Skin, the new Guerlain stick foundation

Terracotta Skin, the new Guerlain stick foundation
Terracotta Skin, the new Guerlain stick foundation

Guerlain’s Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation, the sun powder once again revisited

While some make-up products are ephemeral, others, on the other hand, seem to be designed to last forever… Guerlain’s Terracotta is undeniably one of the brand’s most emblematic products. This sun powder has revolutionized the world of make-up and continues to seduce the hearts of women around the world. Guerlain is also regularly inspired by it to create new formulas. This time, Terracotta is back in the form of an easy-to-apply stick, both in the morning and for touch-ups during the day. Focus on the Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation.

Guerlain Terracotta, an iconic product

Terracotta was born in the 1980s. “We were the first to offer a bronzing powder with a natural effect. It was revolutionary at a time when makeup was all artifice, ”explains Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director of Guerlain makeup. This sun powder appeared following a trip by Dominique Szabo, at the time director of Guerlain makeup creation, to the heart of the Moroccan desert. He was inspired by his ocher earth to make a make-up, all in lightness and with the now world famous promise: “three weeks of tanning in three seconds”. Now, the powder transforms into a full-fledged foundation, presented in a fun stick that is practical to apply.

The Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation, an adaptable and comfortable color

The Foundation Stick Terracotta Skin is available in six different colors, to adapt to each type of skin. Its coverage, as for it, modulates according to your desires. Natural waxes are also incorporated into its formula, ensuring impeccable glide and absolute comfort, which lasts all day long. The Foundation Stick Terracotta Skin leaves nothing to chance and refines the skin texture, while unifying the face. It leaves there an immediate sunny glow, as after several weeks of vacation in the sun. Its waterproof formula ensures 12 hours of hold. The Foundation Stick Terracotta Skin offers a healthy glow resistant to all the tests of everyday life.

The fragrance integrated into the Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation

Like all Guerlain products, the Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation is also enriched with a delicate exotic fragrance, awakening all the senses. The latter begins with a duo of exotic fruits and orange blossom. His heart, meanwhile, is more solar. It expresses all its femininity in an alliance of jasmine, ylang ylang and tiare flower. Finally, its base is based on a woody and vanilla note.

How to apply your Terracotta Skin Stick Foundation?

Note also that Guerlain’s Stick Terracotta Skin Foundation can be applied in two different ways. It can be used as a foundation. In this case, just apply it to the center of the face and stretch it outwards. However, it can also be used for simple touch-ups during the day, or on more localized areas, to accentuate the natural shadows of the face. In this case, it serves as contouring and draws more relief on the skin.

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