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The ad of the perfume Azzaro Wanted Girl

The ad of the perfume Azzaro Wanted Girl
The ad of the perfume Azzaro Wanted Girl

Azzaro’s Wanted Girl Reveals in New Ad

Since 2016, the house of Azzaro has written a new chapter in its history, first making a male fragrance called Wanted, followed recently by its female counterpart, Wanted Girl. These two juices seem to have an indomitable passion. They are made in the image of the brand’s creator, Loris Azzaro, and so overflowing with panache. They are a hedonistic couple that nothing can stop. Always ready to take on new challenges, the Azzaro man and woman never miss an opportunity to spice up their daily lives. It is therefore precisely on this aspect that the advertising for Azzaro Wanted Girl , which was released on your screens only a few days ago, revolves .

Georgia Fowler, the new Wanted Girl

To embody the image of its Wanted Girl on the screen, the Azzaro house has bet on Georgia Fowler, the brand’s new face. Very followed on social networks, the beautiful brunette promises, indeed, to amplify in a considerable way the notoriety of this new perfume. The famous supermodel is one of the most popular figures in fashion today. After having illuminated the Victoria’s Secret catwalk several times, it is in the skin of a Mediterranean full of panache that we find her this time. “’To be or not to be wanted’, it fits perfectly with my personality, she says, because the ‘Wanted Girl’ is a little mischievous, she is competitive and she is a real fighter”! However, this is precisely the image that Georgia Fowler releases on her Instagram account. In the program ? Sport, a healthy life and a perfectly balanced diet. This is what her dream figure and perfectly fresh complexion are based on!

Self-mockery at the heart of Wanted Girl advertising

In the commercial for Wanted Girl, Georgia Fowler is featured on The Sonics’ dynamic “Have Love Will Travel” soundtrack. The scene takes place in a Mediterranean palace and Georgia Fowler seems to be a star adored by all here. Many fans welcome him. Regardless, it takes a lot more to impress Georgia Fowler. In the company of Nikolai Danielsen , she does not hesitate to take on even crazier challenges! Playing her life with a heads-up, she thus embarks on luggage cart races, and even goes so far as to launch herself from a hotel balcony to take the plunge in the swimming pool, in front of other guests. totally dumbfounded!

Wanted Girl launch party

In addition to this advertisement, the Wanted Girl perfume was recently honored by a private party, organized by Azzaro within the Salomon de Rothschild hotel, on March 29, 2019. The atmosphere was both luxurious and intimate, starting with a big dinner by candlelight, and bringing together beautiful people. In addition to the muses of Azzaro, the brand had the pleasure of inviting, among others, Arielle Dombasle, Vincent Dedienne or Alexandra Golovanoff.

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