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The androgyny of CK All perfume by Calvin Klein in a new box

The androgyny of Calvin Klein's CK One All perfume available in a new box
The androgyny of Calvin Klein‘s CK One All perfume available in a new box

CK All, derivative of the iconic CK One by Calvin Klein, in a box

CK All is a derivative of one of the most famous androgynous perfumes in perfumery: the legendary CK One by Calvin Klein. Born in the 90s, this juice literally changed the olfactory sphere. He immediately won over thousands of adolescents in search of sharing and authenticity. CK One is a fragrance that advocates the mix of genres and that focuses on androgyny. Building on its success, this juice has been revisited many times. CK All is its latest olfactory version . This new fragrance, created in 2017, reveals a more robust, more complex and more woody version of CK One.

The woody character of CK All

CK All is a complex and confusing fragrance. It begins with the freshness of a citrus green tea accord and brings together several synthetic molecules. The paradisone gives off a scent close to that of jasmine. The coranol and the lilyflore, on the other hand, also reinforce the flowery aspect of this perfume. The wake of CK All then becomes more and more sensual. Amber increases its sweet and syrupy side. Musk, meanwhile, reinforces its animality. Vetiver also gives structure to the whole and emphasizes its woody aspect.

The Calvin Klein box set

CK All comes in a fully tinted white box . Thus, this pretty cardboard box is in perfect harmony with the bottle of CK All, revisited in a matt white lacquer. Like a blank page, it contains two products from the range. The 100ml CK All spray is paired with a smaller bottle of the original CK One.

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