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The anti-aging Prime 24 Hour by Valmont, to fight against sagging skin

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The anti-aging Prime 24 Hour by Valmont, to fight against sagging skin
The anti-aging Prime 24 Hour by Valmont, to fight against sagging skin

Fight sagging skin with Valmont Anti-Aging Prime 24 Hour

For a few months now, have you noticed a relaxation of the elasticity of your skin? Does your face tend to lose its firmness? This is a completely natural phenomenon. The aging of the epidermis affects absolutely everyone. However, it does not remain more enjoyable for all that. Today, therefore, more and more beauty brands are working on this delicate subject to offer you ever more successful treatments. In this context, Valmont has developed the Prime 24 Hour anti-aging cream. Its goal is simple: to preserve the suppleness, elasticity and firmness of your face for as long as possible.

Loss of skin firmness: what are the causes?

As we get older, the skin tends to show the weight of years. Indeed, over time, our cell renewal slows down. The functioning of our organism is slower and our natural reserves are becoming scarce. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are therefore naturally less present in the heart of our skin cells. At the same time, external factors also influence the aging of our skin. Too much exposure to UV rays, the consumption of tobacco or alcohol, bad eating habits or a continuous attack from pollution are all elements that weaken the epidermis. As a result, the skin becomes duller, less supple and less plump. In addition, gravity also has its small effect. It naturally pulls on the fibrous proteins of our skin and gradually acts on its resistance. What’s more, fibroblasts and elastin become rarer over the years, which again reduces the strength of our epidermis. Valmont’s idea is therefore to come to the aid of your skin and provide it with the elements it needs and which tend to become scarce over time.

The Benefits of Valmont Prime 24 Hour Anti-Aging Cream

Prime 24 Hour Cream is a global anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream. In other words, it acts on several tables at the same time, so as to visibly and durably reduce skin aging. Its formula is enriched here with CELLULAR PRIME COMPLEX, a recipe patented by Valmont which provides the epidermis with all the elements it needs to actively fight against the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and lack of firmness. Continuously, Valmont’s Prime 24 Hour cream stimulates cell renewal. As a result, it provides optimum thermal firmness. Its fine texture, for its part, penetrates very easily to the heart of the epidermis. It softens the skin and does not leave any sticky or greasy feeling after its passage. All that remains is a protective veil that smoothes the face and immediately makes it more beautiful.Valmont 24 Hour Prime Cream constitutes an excellent base for makeup.

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