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The Blue Therapy Serum or the promise of aging well from Biotherm

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The Blue Therapy Serum or the promise of aging well from Biotherm
The Blue Therapy Serum or the promise of aging well from Biotherm

Blue Therapy Serum, in line with Biotherm’s promise of “aging well”

“Only 20% of the signs of aging are inevitable… the rest is in your hands! “; with such a message, Biotherm can only attract attention … The brand is convinced of it: with the means offered to us by the biggest cosmetics houses at the present time, most of the signs of the age can be avoided. Our lifestyle, our bad habits and the environment around us are all elements that contribute or not to make us age prematurely. At the same time, the cosmetics that you apply to your skin also have a considerable role. However, since it is never too late to do the right thing, Biotherm has developed the Blue Therapy Serum . This product reveals your natural beauty and visibly repairs your skin.

The triple action of Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum

The Blue Therapy Serum is a particularly concentrated treatment that acts on three poles simultaneously: wrinkles, spots and skin firmness. Not only is it a product that prevents the appearance of old age of the skin, but the Blue Therapy Serum from Biotherm also has a restorative power. In other words, it corrects the wrinkles and spots that are already installed on your skin surface. Thanks to it, over time, your skin appears softer, more beautiful and more luminous. Of course, as with any beauty product, the more you use Blue Therapy Serum, the more visible the results will be. The effects obtained by the Blue Therapy Serum have been demonstrated by clinical tests.

The natural active ingredients contained in the Blue Therapy Serum

So what is the secret of this extraordinary product? To achieve such results, Biotherm has drawn on the benefits of three waters that are among the most beneficial in the world. After all, what better source of life than water? Biotherm scientific teamstherefore went to Lake Klamath, in Oregon in the USA, in the waters of the Atlantic coasts, in Brittany, and in the thermal springs of Molitg les Bains, in the Pyrenees. They drew from it Pure Thermal Plankton, Biotherm’s star active ingredient with soothing and regenerating power, as well as extract of Algae de Jeunesse ™ (Alaria Esculenta). This plant naturally present in the icy waters of Greenland is made up of a very dense network of elastic fibers, proteins and polysaccharides. All these elements promote resistance and skin elasticity. This is what allows these algae to withstand the repeated assault of 8,000 waves per day! As you will have understood, Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum draws the best of its benefits from the heart of nature. Earth has never been so close to you.

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