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The Classic Pin-Up, the retro novelty of Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Classic Pin-Up, the retro novelty of Jean-Paul Gaultier
The Classic Pin-Up, the retro novelty of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Le Classique Pin-Up, welcome to the retro world of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a particularly creative perfumer and couturier, whose originality is such that no one can really give his creations an era. Moreover, with its new fragrance for 2020, this fashion UFO intends to take us on a journey through time. So, how about plunging back into the 1950s vibe, discovering her new fragrance, designed like a retro and American pin-up? The Classique Pin-Up revisits Jean-Paul Gaultier’s bestseller and is aimed at all the sexy and glamorous women of our time.

Le Classique Pin-Up, the scent of a Hollywood starlet

The Classic Pin-Up is clearly inspired by the American pin-ups of the 50s. It must be said that this period has always fascinated Jean-Paul Gaultier and that the couturier is more than happy to dress divas. Moreover, the famous pin-up Dita Von Teese is one of her most famous muses. Is this one of those who inspired this new perfume? The story does not say it yet… Nevertheless, the one who wears this perfume is a woman who assumes herself, who is not cold in the eyes and who dreams of rhinestones and sequins. So how about shining for everyone to see, dancing until the early hours of the morning and getting all the spotlight on you? This is the promise offered by the new Classique Pin-Up by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s corset is dressed in sequins

Let’s start by discovering the packaging of the new Classique Pin-Up… As always, this perfume is presented to us in a case shaped like a tin can. However, this metallic cylinder is meant to be more glamorous and sensual than ever. Completely covered with pink sequins, it displays a gold star on its front face as well as some red notes sexier than ever! To set the scene, a pin-up dressed in a corset is also drawn on its front face. The latter does not hesitate to display her voluptuous forms, to the delight of both men and women. Fantasy for some and ideal for others, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new pin-up leaves no one indifferent! The Classic Pin-Up bottle, meanwhile, still represents the bust of a woman,

The gourmet and sulphurous recipe of the Classic Pin-Up

On the scent side, Le Classique Pin-Up does not hide its sensuality. Glamor guides its recipe from its top notes to its wake. It all starts with one of the most aphrodisiac fragrant notes there is: ginger. Then, its soapy and peppery breath is illuminated with orange blossom. A marshmallow then enters the scene to reinforce the gourmet side of this essence. Little by little, Le Classique Pin-Up becomes more sulphurous. It is wrapped in ambergris and vanilla, for a carnal and comforting look.

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