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The couturier Elie Saab creates drapes in perfumery …

The couturier Elie Saab creates drapes in perfumery ...
The couturier Elie Saab creates drapes in perfumery …

Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has not finished showing off his talents around the world. A true star of couture in the Middle East, we discovered him in Paris during the fashionweek in 2000. From then on Elie Saab created outfits all the more splendid than the others for the stars of the whole world. By offering his first perfume in 2011, Le Parfum Elie Saab , the stylist makes us discover his love of fragrances in a breathtaking play of light. The scented royal road then opened to him …

Play of light for a first Elie Saab perfume

Elie Saab is what you might call a little genius! At the age of 9 he was already creating draped dresses for his little sister and teenager, he offered his talents as a designer to an increasingly important Lebanese clientele. After having conquered Beirut, Elie Saab launched an assault on the European catwalks and again it was a total success! The young prodigy offers embroidered and draped outfits absolutely magical to a conquered public. Yet Elie Saab had not yet shown the full extent of his talents …

Passionate about perfumes, he wanted more than anything to compose a fragrance that would be in total adequacy between the values ​​of his fashion house and his love for the interbreeding between East and West. The Elie Saab Perfume will therefore be the result of his desires. For Elie Saab, the Elie Saab Perfume will be “A fragrance that expresses a radiant femininity and transcribes the duality of my universe: light from the East and modernity from the West. “.

Indeed the luminosity of Elie Saab Perfume is perceived both through the composition and the bottle but also in the communication campaigns. For Le Parfum Elie Saab, Anja Rubik becomes an urban princess. With her magical draped dress, she captures the sun’s rays and captivates all passers-by on her footsteps through the streets of New York. She brings the extraordinary into such an ordinary world …

However, Elie Saab does not want Anja Rubik to be named as the face of her perfume, but rather that she be the living embodiment of the precious mixture between couture and Elie Saab perfumery: “The model Anja Rubik is not an icon. She bears the mark and embodies this extraordinary appearance ”Denis Quimbrot for Le Parfum Elie Saab.

The Elie Saab Perfume or the meeting between the beauties of the East and the West

Like the precious drapes of its couturier, the Elie Saab Perfume bottle is designed as much for its qualitative opulence as for its ability to catch the light from all its facets of glass. Elie Saab does not hesitate to tell us that he was inspired by a paperweight in his office to draw this glass cube, designed like crystal.

Francis Kurkdjian composed this Elie Saab Perfume around the luminous sensations radiating his memories. Orange blossom and rose honey give Le Parfum Elie Saab a solar flight. Then the jasmine absolute married to patchouli and solar notes blend into dazzling and warm accords like the rays of the sun. Finally, the cedar-honey accord is enveloping in delicacies and totally addictive to better capture us in its voluptuous depths.

“I didn’t have specific images in mind. […] Just sensations: the whiteness of a sun at its zenith, a radiant femininity, a modern expression of pleasure ”. Francis Kurkdjian for Elie Saab Le Parfum .

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